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Time away

I was away from the game for the last month.i know about the beta so catch me up on anything else that has been going on.

Re: :/

an admin offering to help....wow im impressed.


Tathan wrote:Oh, so will someone just yell out "Tathan is up!"
I don't think so

thats exactly whats going to happen

Re: Unfortunate Scamming Incidents

Gah I already commented on this post once but my phone died and I guess it didn't add it so im going to try to recreate the wonderful piece of art that was my last comment that none will ever get to see I believe it went something like this... I'm confused.i dont understand how pll are getting scamm...


Theres no catching you needed thatan.im about positive you have very few friends on server so when you do enter the pvp area I'm sure someone will announce it with a yell and if I'm on I dont care if I'm in the middle of a boss fight I will stop to come after you.

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