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Re: Why did the scammer cross the road?

Shame that when he got to theotherside the leader laughed at his scamming actions and allowed him and his scamming brother into theotherside then allowed yet another scammer into the clan and shared another grand ole laugh... The same leader that threatens to go to younger players house and harm the...

Re: What type of bullying is allowed and bannable by OTM standards?

Repetitive verbal harasssment isn't bannable. Even sexual harassment and threats are given a pass, because of the block feature. . Female members of Avalon have been subjected to continuous harassment over the years and nothing has been done except being told to "block them" I am very awa...

Can't login please help!

Hello support! I recently tried logging into my account but it does not wan't to work. When I try to log in, the screen just says loading but never lets me access the account. I tried to login with other devices but it does the same thing. Is my character data corrupt or something?

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