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Re: No moral worth

I won't be returning to this game. So my opinions are just that of a "has-been," a relic if you will... Back in the day, there were clear cut lines based on what people were about, what people stood for and valued, and some people who didn't stand for anything and simply wanted to level, g...

Re: This is just a game!

It's not a bad post. It's worthwhile to view the horrible possibilities of over-immersing yourself in something/anything. But, it's a funny ironic place to put it. You don't get help for your drinking at your bar, from your bar-tender or on a patio funded and run by alcohol distributors.. :) Too oft...

Re: I hate this world

Savaged1982 wrote:Read the post. Croq said he hates Arawn cos were the first world active again after patches.

Silly people

If people read the OP, this wouldn't be the Arawn forums. :lol:

Re: Sigils

If you read the ToS, it says implicitly that OTM can change Anything it virtually sells to it's customer base at anytime. Since its property is always and ultimately owned by OTM(you dont even legally "own" your own character). We playing the game are literally just placing our faith that ...

Re: Can OTM not handle criticism?

In-Game banning of accounts of known outspoken critics (Dogma, Papi, others) within a few short weeks and 6 months+ of having to deal with the same reported scammers is laughable to me. OTM is the judge, jury and executioner, obviously they legally can sell you 100 sigils a year ago and change them ...

Re: Update 4: Clan Avalon

I didn't participate in this year's beta, but last year I primarily, along with a few other people took the most ire and most "blame" for "The Update issues." What everyone needs to appreciate/realize is that OTM will tweak, fix and adjust things going forward based on full commu...

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