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Re: Sorry to whoever was a victim

no point in accusing people now grean, it's clear on who scammed people and accusing people who were victims aswell will not go very well since trust issue is very low atm and don't need it to go lower since that guy wanted to do what he did Sad it has to be that way now balor was so peaceful now e...

Re: Sorry to whoever was a victim

Well only XXX would know his own info before posting on public. Yeah. And plus we all know it was someone else because everyone knows mike wouldn't sell that black hunter for anything. And if he did he would offer more then 250k he would sell at 1m at the least That's why when he put a bunch of ite...

Re: Android needs double plat!

Plat = Elixirs = levels I don't see how one day of double gold is going solve gold problems. It's double but one day? You may make a few thousands but not huge amounts. It's easy to get gold, just that more plat sellers are needed to spend that gold. I currently have 400 sk on Me... and 120 combos....

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