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Who deleted thread and why

I started a thread in off topic named App Store games, it's now been deleted/moved or I just can't see it but I posted on it earlier so it couldn't of gone down the line that far. If it got deleted I wanna know why? No one broke rules on the thread or was starting arguments

Re: How to talk to a girl?

Hello guys I need help with girls lol. So if you can answer a lot of my questions that would help a lot. How do you approach a girl? Once you approach the girl, how should you start a conversation? Should I use pickup lines? If so which ones should I use? How do you make a girl laugh? or How can yo...


Yay let's kill a boss that we've killed before and get all the same drops :) ffs man why not just make a new boss with similar drops but a little buffed So OTM can work on the tons of other things that they have on their plate without getting bogged down in yet another event? I'm fine with this so ...

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