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Re: Regarding BT loot

Adding auras to player gear is certainly something that I would like to consider for the future.

But as you can see there are many possible uses and effects that need to be considered and tested before adding it to the game and unfortunately there just wasn't time between Beta and launch. :(

Re: Regarding BT loot

The ideas Drexxa had were overly complicated and sloppy. If set aura could be applied only to grouped players, and in some sensible way stacked then sure, it would have been great. But that wasn’t really the case so until a real tidy method for these ideas is found... they arent a good idea. I did ...


Hey everyone. Just looking at these times and the ones on the server and it looks like my new times for the Frozen bosses have not been updated correctly. We will be fixing this asap and will let you know when it is to be implemented. Hi do you mean you will change the boss times to what is stated ...

Re: Beta Forum

Hey Heroes! Just a quick update to let you know the Open Beta forums are now closed! Many thanks for all your feedback, suggestions and bug reports! Your testing has been greatly appreciated by the team. Myself and the team have been reading through all your posts and taking all your valuable feedb...

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