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Re: Griefing on Mabon

How about for starters you stop acting like you own the bloody server? "I don't wanna here excuses.." Contrary to popular belief, you can't tell Elite how to run our clan. We don't tell you how to run yours. If you want a change get some pms going between leaders, don't start open fires o...

Re: Fire or Ice?

You should try fire and ice for a few lvls to see what you like more, you will also want to use attune and lure, not just one, and definitely eshield. Mages have paper armour so it is needed. I will try giving you some more info later but I gtg for now because I'm in a rush :P

Re: Server Restart 20 Minutes!

Okay so our small thank you gifts are having some problems with unforeseen bugs :evil: Some players on Android may have been able to claim them but a new bug has popped up so we have put them on delay for the rest of Android player and iOS :/ Servers are coming back up now and we will delay the Eli...

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