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Re: BIG!!!!!!SCAMMER!!!!!!!

WOW... people who do these things are terrible, nubs who have no life, and will always suck. These are the kind of people who shouldn't be able to play this game. You should really report this to the admin. Just e-mail him and he must do something about this......... non-sense!!!!!!!! Here is the e...


Admin can you make the map bigger. And also can you make making money eaiser like 20 coins per kill

Re: Scammer List

Smoke wrote:Scammer: SlyFox
Reason: Took 500 gold from SlashySlash. He/She has also admitted to scamming 20 others in chat.

HE and slashy made up in school now they are friends again.He stated that he did not care about the money.When slyfox mentioned that he scammed 20 people he was lying.

Re: Scammer List

Hello i go to their school and slashy forgave slyfox.They both sit at the same lunch table.I talked to slyfox and he said that he never scammed 20 people he was just joking.Slahy also stated that he did not care about the money.So now they made up so their id no need to put him in the scammer list.

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