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Re: Season 6 The Walking Dead

I knew something was missing in my life when i was watching TWD.....This frikkin thread!!

Hey y'all! Wow, been so long! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Walking dead is here!
Whelp...nothing to add to the convo right now...But! Sunday is just around the corner...so...till then ;)

Re: DC or Marvel

DC Fan. Sadly, they can't make good movies. But ...DC!

I always fall over reading the badassery permitted to Batman. Amaaazing!

"I am the Batman. This is my city. At night it belongs to me."

Re: A very sad story

I wasted my time?!!? Stuart just realized that "this story," the story of his life, is made up! He realized that his life makes no sense! He realized that his life just wasted the time of 4 other people. Somebody go save Stuart before he does something stupid!!

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