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Re: lags

It's either the server or a huge problem in the client app.

I'm running CH version 1.2, device spec 205/5.1 on an LG G5 with Android 6.0.1.

Re: Edl/Dl Spite

DOT in CH is just messed up, period. OTM needs to fix DOTs in such a way that they do not cancel each other, then we're all good. But then, from the technical standpoint, it's the most difficult to do, so just change Spite to be a castable damage spell kind of like shadowstrike or quick strike. Nerf...

Re: What is better?

+1 to runic ammy, necro weapon ring, and bladeleaf charm. I use that myself.

I'd use your current set for Mordy though.

An noooo, not Necro daggers please. Those are aweful dps on average.

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