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Re: old players

There are still a lot of players on Ros from that timeframe. I'm sure if you made a toon, you would bump into many old friends. There have been a lot of changes in the game - at a minimum, you should check it out. Different engine, lots of new zones, added content, etc... VERY different than the tim...

Re: My peeps

Classic - Very nice to get the update. Glad to hear college was successfully completed. Lots of changes in the game; you should check it out if you get the time.

Good to hear from you. I do hope all is well in your world. Chat with you soon.

~ Bake

Re: Mounts or Pet

Thanks everyone for all the info on this, It has helped out a lot. For the above post if I understand this properly, if I get a tier 1 pet, it will cost less to level up to lvl6 than if I was to start with a tier 4 pet and the benefits are marginal? I have no pet tokens, I am not planning on paying...

Re: The new Aeon Chests

At this point, does anybody know if Ancient Idols are in the Aeon Chests? I'd like to see some of those hit the market again. In before Aileron comments on this.... No, ancient idols should never come back. I suppose I should have been clearer in my initial question: Regardless if you believe they ...

Re: Guide: Quick Gold in Celtic Heroes ( without purchasing plat ) - for new players

Advice on gold for new players I wish someone would have told me when I started: - Determine what item you are interested in, and know the gold cost - Refrain from purchasing ANYTHING else (you can easily spend all your gold on fash without even thinking about it) - Stay away from the castle - If yo...

Re: Mounts or Pet

3) Should I save up and get the most expensive mount or pet or the cheapest one? I would advise getting a Tier 4 pet and leaving it at level 1. Rather get a Tier 1 pet and breed it to level 3; same token cost, with a higher benefit. While the ceiling of the skills/attributes is higher with the Tier...

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