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Username or email incorrect

I clearly remember by username and email address but whenever I try to retrieve my password, it says "Username or email incorrect". What gives? Did they delete my account or something? P.S. I have used the same username and email to retrieve my password in the past and I even have such pas...

Re: Mini Event

While I understand why rare is actually "rare", it is discouraging to see that most of the boss drops are way too useless for any practical use. Everything should be useful to some at least because we are all sending so much time and effort to kill these things. Just make the drops worthwh...

Re: Most useless mage build

Okay, sometimes I deal 9.8k in a shot but on a regular scale it is 6-8k while fire mages with much less focus deal regular 7k damage with almost no flux. Plus on edl bosses, ice doesn't even tickle them. I have been ice throughout the game because of the drama over fire drops. 205 and 210 edls have...

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