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What are the Current prices on Silverweb Jewelries?

What are the current prices of silverweb jewelries at your current server? I've been inactive for almost 2yrs and now I'm selling Silverwebs. Current prices for it in Balor are the following; Grand Charms (All Chars) 300k Mighty Charms (All Chars) 350k Mighty Charm of Renewal 400k Grand Rings (All C...

Re: Oops..

You are limited to ONE refund per month. In that ONE refund, you are allowed up to THREE items. No more, no less. Wow, idk if this info is legit but I don't get a refund when I sent a ticket for refund request cuz OTM replied that they only do refund for items that is bought within 3 days. Even an ...

Re: Is the rumor true?

Michael_XXX wrote:Ignore phant he's just a tad paranoid...

You know nothing about farming cuz you just busy with your PvP. But for farmers alike we can distinguish if something is off in the game. If got a few hours to farm can get 100k easy and if farming hard can get 210-280k. :mrgreen:

Re: Is the rumor true?

Yeah I think OTM changes something in the game everytime they doing a server reset. Sometimes money bosses is hardly spawning and sometimes you can kill 3x of the same money boss consistently when it respawns. That's why you need to be parient camping and do some strategies to evade your competitors.

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