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Re: really fun in arawn now

^^ Cause and effect.. every response has a source. You want to play that game i can trust me I just don't waste picture space on my device for people who don't deserve it, but I am flattered you keep old pictures of times where I am angry and believe this dear sir I am no saint and never can be so d...

Re: Cloak of fire

My mage is level 187 and have just recently reset to ice for the very first time. From my standing point I view the cloak of fire skill as being most effective when you cast on tanks in eg battles, if you're soloing as a mage id suggest just using the dps skills and e shield the cloak isn't really f...

Re: Thanks for the memories

Didn't get to know you very long toe but i fully support you on your journey in life and hope you expand your knowledge and harness wealth, health, love, and happiness.
Fare well my friend and remember knowledge is power.

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