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Re: Where are you from?

Well...I was born on the second floor of the tavern in the first room on the right... Blind old Erskine delivered me while his trusty partner scruffy the dog guided him through the process. It was a hatchet job to say the least but we all made it through and lived in the tavern until someone found m...

Re: Fishing Update Screenshots

Just wanna say Muldar, while fishing is nice and all, Im again like the token/pet systems not too excited. Since it took u so long for another event (or update call it however), and not even an event boss, fishing will come with a disappointment if its only that. Easy fix to the boss part is just a...


figured id try here before i had to buy from shop
Runic ring of valour
thaum bow
Runic haste quiver

Re: Pokemon go

Bitter atm because i used my last incent and servers went down and when they came back up the timer had run out ._.
now im depressed cause my friends caught crazy stuff on their incents and i dont even have one :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

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