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Re: Heroes Age Android

That is true it just is not feeling wholesome however. We are still highly bugged with big lag via in group deaths. Some skill animations are bugged such as Eldricth Fire from mage casts. There’s no clipping on many walls in virtually every area and much much more.

Re: overpricing

What we should be complaining about is just how much crap got crammed into chests. Since the introduction of fashion tokens, charm tokens ( then both again with effects) aeon etc (also ones added with effects) all crammed into the same chest, there are literally hundreds and hundreds of items added ...

Re: overpricing

I think inflation more so is diriving from players only having to spend gold on plat items. With not having to buy gear in all but 1 server, their is a whole market missing. Look at that one server... XP’s are 2.5k and u can find chests for 15-20k with a simple castle shout at most giving times rece...

Re: Clans in Lugh that Dice

Good luck to you guys on your future endeavors! However alleviating competition as you stated earlier is not our intentions, rather those of alliance. You can tell this is true from the HEAVY re-activity they had starting the exact day we succeeded and created Pegasus. After months of ingame inactiv...

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