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Re: New to the druid life

If possible, buy as many energy sigils as possible (they go for 5K per crate on my world). This will save you from buying regen lux and allow you to use those spots for equipment to enhance your skills.

Re: Quick little rant..

Most plat items have a level requirement in order to use them. So in a way you've earned them twice as much. I'm not sure what you mean. All items and mounts gained from the platinum store and chests have no level requirement. Do you mean luxury items? Yes. I was referring to luxury items. Sorry fo...

Re: The power of focus

I agree with Magustra. The druid forums have been the most helpful for me. I've tried three of the other four classes and hung out on the respective forums and find there to be much more discussion here.

Re: OTM, please come to the table

Skill fixing needs to be done for most classes. Mages have huge problems but I wouldn't say more so than druids. This. I haven't been playing nearly as long as some of you, but even I can tell when something is broken. My wife and I play the game together. She's a mage and I'm a druid. Two broken a...

Re: Why are we so under powered?

Sure, get better DPS, but you should never ever be able to out dps a mage. All this talk about 'then we have to move points out of out support skills' is really nothing. All you need is touch and bark and you're a powerful support druid. That leaves you with like 4 DPS skills. You need more than ju...

Re: Why are we so under powered?

I think some have taken my original post to mean we should have the best of both worlds. I don't think that should be the case. I think Perl hit it on the head. With a natures attunement spell, we would be forced to move points around in order to do good DPS damage. In our case, that would mean taki...

Buying storm touch rings

Title pretty much says it all. I am looking for any rings that give bonuses to a druid's storm touch skill. If you have one that you are willing to sell, respond to this thread or PM me. Thank you for your time.

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