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Re: Favorite beers/ect

Oberyn wrote:I don't drink (alcohol/wine/beer etc)...but..a lot of my friends tend to stick with guinnes stout and blue moon. Some of my more uh...Latino buds are avid corona chuggers.

Okay...I lied. I may take a sip of wine depending on the occasion.

a sip of wine...? i thot u were a dude...


I see that One Thumb Mobile has not yet made any move to prevent the spamming of forums, nor have they fixed the invisible axe bug, the scrolling bug, or the chat log disappearing in bank bug. I'm sure many players are tired of getting the 'we're a small company, we don't have unlimited recourses' c...

Re: Death Penalty

If every murderer were to be killed, sentenced to Death by lethal injection, then wouldn't it speak tribute to the common people that murder is good. Back in the medievil days Death was a common sentence for all wrong doings, and eventually people took that role to succumb to killing the perpetrato...

Re: Dear Seed

Killall wrote:
AggyBrace :3 wrote:lul, its fact...

Go back to arwan ... we don't need a new trouble

ooo wheres arwan :shock: new trouble? lmfao im simply saying that seed is OBVIOUSLY still very pissed...

Re: Dear Seed

i mean, seed members still seem pissed right? whereas mickjag has moved on... ofc he doesnt have anything to move on FROM, he DID purposefully take the killian so idk why hed ever b pissed rofl

Re: Dear Seed

Mickjagger wrote:It was a heated day, im not going to sit here and argue but it was a mistake ive moved on and kept those blocked who've made a huge deal of it. Ive moved on and focused on bigger things, like getting my lazy butt to 190

You may have moved on, but they sure as hell didnt...

Re: Hello Lugh!

Just pointing out (and not trying to crush your expectations of the game), Celtic Heroes can be very pay-to-win..._.

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