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Re: Sword Warrior advice

ryandragon wrote:Forget Giant Swing.

Keep Frenzy up.Shatter, Pummel and Dbl Attack on CD.

What should I use my leftover skill points for if not for giant swing? I believe rupture is unlocked when you get the dmg edl+ offhand, is that it or would you recommend another skill?

Sword Warrior advice

Hey, I recently got a warrior that is starting to reach endgame (lvl 203 ish rn), and I am planning to for a sword build. Is there any advice anyone with experience with swords might be able to give?
I am currently full str, with skill points in pummel, shatter, double attack, giant swing and frenzy.

Re: Toxic of Sulis Dino Kill

Congratulations!!! Were you in vocal communications via and other app like discord or just game chat? I think that vocal communication would be very useful for a boss like dino. Sulis uses Line as our chat app, which also allows group calls. Believe it was said earlier that there were like 20 peopl...

Re: Top clan and Server

Would disagree that toxic only logs for bosses. We have like a third of the players ret has so it seems like we are less active while the actual percentages are pretty close from my experience. We are pretty equal on eg bosses tho despite our size

Re: Gear swapping on Ranger

You don't take one of them out permanently. You generally choose your weakest ring as the swap out one. Let's say your weakest ring is a runic and you want to use a royal gele sharpshot ring. Have your runic on, swap to sharp shot, then swap back to runic until it is time to use a skill and repeat....

Gear swapping on Ranger

So...I have been considering something recently quite a bit. Gear switching is something most do since it helps maximize the use of your skills. However, I was wondering if it was worth it for the rangers. Rangers are the most auto-oriented class in the game as far as I know and gear switching seems...

Barbered Shot

So recently I have seen quite a lot of rangers use barbered out of nowhere. Did the skill change in some way or something? Or do people just not want to waste the skill points in that one gele brace? Or did some skill become much less usefull than barbered? Just wondering why people are using a slow...

Weapons to use before endgame

So I am currently llving a warrior with the end goal of it being a sword warrior. However, if I am not wrong, a sword warrior is pretty bad until you get the offhand past edl that allows you to use rupture with a sword. So my question is, should I still use a sword while lvling till endgame, or is u...

Re: Global Auction House

One thing to note for those who have exclusive items or fash sets. Your items may lose the title "only one on server", but there is a potential to gain "only one in the game", and even if it's not the only one in the game, it is still probably freaking rare so "one of ten in...

Re: Thank you

Overwhelming? Not even close. In fact, the global tavern launch proves that the castle was a much better location for a global zone then the tavern. Yes, overwhelming, especially the feedback in the castle while it was global, but feedback here as well. Sorry, but you can't count the people who wer...

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