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Re: New update

For real what's up with this? The majority of players are sub-150. Make some events where level doesn't really matter. Extra gold or xp, a small gathering quest, a kill or fish competition, special items in shop for gold or plat (you have a special offers tab, use it), limited use mounts (like the c...

Re: Update List

Are we talking about fashions and luxury pets or about serious updates with new content???? Since VR took over : Diothu raid boss (very close to when otm shut down, so possibly not alone) Reindeer pet Hellsteed mount 2 hat quests A few holiday recipes Global tavern/arena I can’t think of any other ...

Re: Update

7 months and even this minor update can’t be reached on time. Makes me think you guys didn’t even start work on this update until your announcement at the end of June.

Re: Clueless VR

Just bring back actual season events and bosses (not just new chests and rehashed fash like you do now). Make the game fun again.
Give the other 75% of your player base a way to participate in events. Actual unique content...not just changing a value in a table to increase some spawns or bounties.

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