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Re: Clueless VR

Just bring back actual season events and bosses (not just new chests and rehashed fash like you do now). Make the game fun again.
Give the other 75% of your player base a way to participate in events. Actual unique content...not just changing a value in a table to increase some spawns or bounties.

Re: New Content

Literally anything new would be cool. Preferably things most people can participate in...you know, not insanely hard neon bosses that some servers may never get to kill.. If you really must copy old stuff, bring back holiday events to how they used to be. Something engaging for players of all levels.

Re: New skills + buffs

For mage maybe like a rune you can put down that gives effects to players within the radius, like increased damage, or in-combat health regen, or armor. Would be interesting to see something like that utilized at bosses.

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