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Re: Bann list is ....

Funny cause they act like they’re goodie two shoe saints of Celtic Heroes when they knowingly break or openly support the breaking of game rules lol. Whether or not you get punished by other players is entirely dependent on your spot on the hierarchy they made up. Someone lower in the hierarchy cou...

Re: Bann list is ....

HAYAT wrote:
ArcaneFiji wrote:Every endgame person in epona buys and sells stuff for $, I know because I buy from them and just sell for profit lol

The truth homie....the truth...but am not snitch I enjoy ch . Peace

If you actually think that you're an idiot.

Re: Dino wand vs Gele wands

Man I always thought that dino grim would really make critics more frequent, now that Bob said no, I don't see why I would use dino grim instead of swap gele wands (or using dino wand) to do more damage, I know, the dino grim lure is really relevant, but if you are a hard mage dps, why not leave th...

Re: An idea

bob the mage wrote:Can he drop fresh loot D:

So much of the loot is badly designed though, I don't trust them to make unique and effective gear at this point which is why I'd rather see more of the good drops they have made.

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