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Re: Ranger CG offy (not quiver)

That would make sense. A lot of gear isnt properly though out in this game unfortunately. In addition to the useless, poorly designed stuff there are also certain builds that suffer cause they dont have the proper gear to be as effective as others. CG offhands could use a revamp, would be nice to se...

Re: Best quiver for Dino

I'm pretty sure our rangers run with the 200 lux magic damage quiver but then again we don't really have any rangers in our Dhio raids these days. Why no? How do you make the Dino raid? 2 Rogues for expose 0-1 Rangers 4(?) Warriors for bash 5 Tanks The rest is any DPS druids, Fire / Ice mages we ha...

Fruit cake

Is there any use for perfect fruit cake other than eating it for the hp regen? Since exquisite foods can be used to cook other things i feel like perfect should have some sort of other use aswell.

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