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Re: Pummel or Giant Swing?

I use both, im lvl187 and I can hit up to 5k+ pummel and i bearly hit 4k giant swing i use both but if you can only fit enouth points in for one skill I'd use pummel its a lower energy cost and recast time to fast.


Guys be patient with OTM...they are spending a lot of extra time trying to fix everything...its like 1:30 AM their time. Just be patient. I imagine they get paid overtime or at least some compensation when the engine is complete and running smooth. Isnt that why they picked this job, to work the lo...

Re: Open Beta

Letus wrote:I've got that to tried some worlds in the app they don't have it either just wondering if something went wrong now?
mine still isn't working what about you?

Re: ResUrgeNs

Rankings never lie. Soz dope. :D I'm sure they do when otm doesn't update them and if rankings were sorted by how far into end game you are then infection would be first lol. It says your on top but really who's on top of the server? Well since there clan been going for what 2years? And we been goi...

Re: ResUrgeNs

We can kill Hrunginr every time lol it's raged once on us and we haven't tryed mordris so yeah shows how much you know.

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