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Rate Me :3

If you have any tips for me, pls post... I plan on training and going spear at 180(Mordy Spear) I'll upload pics of me when 180 soon! :) Rings +7 Shatter/+7 Pummel/+4 Pummel/ Jalan Ring Oh and Rate my Warrior :3^^^^ Can't upload pics... Gear: Jalan Bladeleaf Ring +75 str/Jalan Bladeleaf Ammy/ Comrak...

Does this sound ok? :3

Heya! I'm very rusty at Elemental classes.... And I am wondering what a Experienced Mage would choose!(Fire)
Fire Attune 30/25
Firebolt 30/25
Firestorm 29/25
Should I max shield and put extras on lure of fire?

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