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Re: Support

Cranshaw wrote:Don’t feel bad I’ve been waiting for my reply and I’ve been a player and plat buyer since 2011........by their response I see no reason to return.........I’ll wait.....

Suppppppp.. those that remember

I remember. Sup.

Re: How is it going?

bob the mage wrote:
Edot wrote:Its been a minute.

It’s going

Tbh it’s quiet but in the good way. Clans are active but not much is going on outside of the normal game play.

:/ any OGs still playing? Hows the economy? How much is a know/combo. Same problems from 3 years ago?

Re: Blood Sets From Mini Event

Sulis - 1337 completed two full skain blood sets, plus 1-3 extra blood charms, and a half-dozen or so blood rings. One skain dropped nearly the entire blood set - we got the neck and charm from the same kill. Never seen anything quite as beautiful in my Celtic career. Sulis now has a grand total of...

Re: Aeon vs Rimebound chests

Just curious, what's the difference between Aeon and Rimebound besides Aeon legacy fashion and mounts? What compelling reason is there for a player to buy Rimebound instead of Aeon? Are battlemounts and pet tokens only from Rimebound? As far as I can tell nothing. I opened Aeon chests and got more ...

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