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Re: Ranger build

Thanks so much the great suggestions, I was able to build a good build, stat wise that is. I am working on getting the warden chest plate but its so hard :D my clan has helped me out in some desperate times when I'm hurting for money or if i need some disks. I just need 2 drag disks, and 1 elm disk....

Sea Chart Lugh

I have 2 sea charts, I'm a level 81 ranger btw. I don't know how I got the charts, or what they do. If someone could tell me what they do? And what they're worth, because if I don't need em, I might as well sell them.

Re: Ranger build

If you have regens Dex beats strength, but if not go strength. Also what gear do you use and what level eyes do you kill? The red eyes shouldn't be a big bother. I use all warden armor except chestplate I have the same chestplate I got from shamealot ravine. I have warden bow, which for some reason...

Ranger build

I am a level 80 ranger, and I just used a book of rebirth. I now have 395 attribute points left. How do I build a good setup with 395 points? Please, I am so confused. I need to have a lot of health cause the eyes in the otherworld beat me if I'm not in the zone, but I run out of energy fast, and I ...

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