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How's My Rogue?

So this is my rogue, my jewelry is Comrack Frostroot Set, Dex Aggy Bracelet, Godly Wyrm, Haste Ring, +4 QS Ring, +4 Shadowstrike Ring


Buying sigils...

Question: While eliding with a combo, do I have to stop to activate sigs or do they stack?


-Rings of Stinging Swarm
-Glass Rings of Strangling Vines (+1)
-Glass Rings of Lightning Strike (+1)
-Greater Torc of Protection
-Stinging Swarm Skill
-Pages for Storm Touch

That's about it please mail Tego or write on this forum if you have any if the above items.

Looking to buy

-9 greater runes of summoning
-red fg set
-combos lixes
-hastes lixes
-energy regen lixes
-other stuff that could interest me

Tego of Sulis, Thank You

Looking for PvP guide.

Im looking for a pvp guide for rogues, as for I suck at pvp but enjoy to do it. There is currently NO update 4 pvp guides and im pretty upset about this. It would be helpful for someone to do an accurate post about stats and which skills to use while doing pvp. Thanks!

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