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Re: Synced Timer+ the new and improved Celtic Timer(its a different app not an update)

Hi, The new app looks great and can only be thankful for your commitment to improve everyone user experience in in celtic heroes but I have noticed along with others that we aren't able to open up the previous timer anymore and was wondering if this new app is to take place of the old or will you be...

Cooking nagda's

Hello, can anyone tell me how the chances for the nagda's work for the cooking daily rewards. Do you have a chance to get every tier nagda as soon as you hit level 30 and it's just really rare or do you need to have that type of fash equipable in order to receive? Anyone know? Ty

Re: Thoughts on cooking mastery

I had the same idea only aimed more towards getting my dailies done quicker/ having the fruit cake proc at a decent enough rate to make for my clan-mates and i but after getting mastery to a little above 1000 and seeing no change to the rate i'm hesitant to see if its worth the time needed to push t...

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