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Re: Nostalgia and Old School CH

No, simply because the game back then was so bare bones. There was nothing to it. Only reason why it seemed so great back in 2011/2012 was because mobile mmos did not exist, Celtic heroes was one of the first. If you were to play the 2011/2012 version of CH today, you’d get sick of it within a week...

Re: Nostalgia and Old School CH

There is demand for classic releases of mmos. You saw this in the the years leading up to the release of OSRS and it success since. You could see the demand for classic WoW in the sheer amount of players going to private servers for the nostalgic barebones gameplay. Even smaller MMOs like Archeage s...

Re: Necromancer

It's true Balor has had alot of drama in the past and still some players are reluctant to work together. I think the lack of necro kills consists more of the lack of organisation and of course, timezone issues. I strongly believe the people with no issues easily make up the numbers to take down nec...

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