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Re: *Killian*

I like Healmaster – I have two toons that are equally active / inactive lvling with a few % apart :? but the rules has always been that you don’t do 2 killian back to back if there are others in the arena. Obviously if your are alone by the time that your done with your first main/main - main/alt th...

Re: Dicing concerns

I think DM should pick a random # who ev is closest to that # wins So its not the highest nor the lowest # this is a good input 8, tysm! problem here let us say i chose 75 someone rolls 74 and another 76 who wins? plus If DM chooses then it kinda puts the person on the spot. better dm roll dice tha...

Void trident, Essence Blace, Goldy Fireball and skull sales

Hi I'm going to part with a bit of my inventory.

My Void Trident has just been returned after a 2 year trial period.... :D
Void Trident.png
Void Trident.png (203.59 KiB) Viewed 650 times

Also on sales Essence Blade
Essencec Blade.png
Essencec Blade.png (247.35 KiB) Viewed 650 times

Goldy Fire bolt
Goldy Fire bolt.png
Goldy Fire bolt.png (219.28 KiB) Viewed 650 times

Also on sales Ligthning skull +9 can add more than 3 files :?

Spooky post

If anyone could spare a spooky hat and top that would complete my set. Alternativly a Sparkeling yule hat in any coulor that would be much appriciated :D

Re: Time to sell DL?

Just my two cents - without having read all the previous discussion. As you know I'm still new back and it looks as if I'll start to play again. But will allowing selling solve the problem? I will always have the best thoughts about people and their willingness to help each other and the community. ...

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