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Re: Bt event

Rogue (13 drops, 23,21%) Royal Ferocity Charm 3 Royal Subtlety Charm 2 Royal Subtlety Ammy 3 Royal Subtlety Band (ss) 1 Imperial Ferocity Charm 1 Imp Subtlety Ammy 1 Imp Subtlety Band (ss) 1 Imp Quick Strike Ring (recast) 1 Ranger (14 drops, 25,00%) Royal Precision Charm 4 Royal Precision Ammy 6 Ro...

Re: Bloodthorn bash

Welp that was a let down. Everyone expected them to remove pots /: My clan did a pot gathering event just in case they weren’t removed and its been going great ever since. 6 bt kills and counting. Lol clan had made a really big exception to make it happen tbh, I still don't see why they expected us...

Re: Herne kills dino

Yes, good job us but I was a little disappointed to see only 3 drops for everything it took to get this kill. Especially given it was all majestic and a lot of gear was hardly an upgrade to the gear we have now.

Re: screenshot time

Legolas1234 wrote:
Skerwald wrote:
Legolas1234 wrote:
You are a noob soooo :lol:

Your signature is wrong... valar dohaeris

The only thing i done wrong is Valar, Valar Morghulis is all men must die and valar dohaeris is the accompanying gretting meaning all men must serve....

Indeed, but I answered you with valar dohaeris!

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