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Looking for Diadem of Ice

I am just coming here from a different server but am really missing the diadem of ice hats from last Yule (sentimental value due to being the current collection quest hats when I first joined the game, and of course looking really cool.) I would most want to buy a Winter Courtier's Diadem of Ice (ye...

Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win rare unique prizes!

The Hero's Measure and the Dreamthief Fetch An ancient scroll has been found in the castle's dusty archives, revealing the forgotten location of the famous artifact known as The Hero's Measure. The Hero's Measure is a magic mirror that is said to show any hero brave enough to look into it exactly wh...

Duskshadow Armor Quests

What happened to all the NPCs for the Duskshadow Armor quest line? I noticed that I couldn't find Polgrot (he's the one I have a seal quest for at the moment), and then when I mentioned it in game somebody told me he and the others had been taken out. Is it still possible to get the armor, and what ...

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