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Re: Open Beta Now Live!

I do play on iOS server but with an Android device. (I don't have iOS devices anymore)
I was able to log on Android beta with my iOS account but character isn't there (at some point it seem logical...as he might be part of iOS beta)

Does that mean I can't use him for beta?

Buying 300 chests / transfering gold

Wtb chests on Taranis, paying cash on Balor. aka...Transferring Cash from Balor to taranis BALOR character: Ritualist TARANIS character : fr3gryf If you want gold on Balor...I'm willing to buy chests 40kea...as long as you get the chests on Taranis So if you are willing to buy some chests (whatever ...

Re: Transfer gold

Can u explain how to transfer things to other server? There is nothing "official" to do it. You need to find someone who agree on your trade , and give him your stuff on your server, then he will give you his stuff on the other server. It's a non secure trade, and it only can be done if y...

Re: Signature

Elfylolz wrote:
fr3gryf wrote:
Elfylolz wrote:Is there anyway for me to change my signature for forums?

Click your profile Icon, then user control panel, then select the side left menu (hidden by default in mobile view) and choose edit signature :) enjoy

Not working?

It does for me, just added Hh on mine, u get an error?

Re: War mounts

LordiLegacy wrote:Can exchange two idols for one whistle? Or directly use 2 idols

Or mount whistle also work as idol, could be nice too, for this plat price being able to revive both you and the mount sound fqir

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