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Re: CelticP1mps

Ask our self-appointed Lugh historian and spokesman Ghostly...I'm sure it knows all about P1mps, later aka Security- not to mention Argona (Neek :)) since is also an expert on non-Dom clans as well..

Re: "Auto Level System"

@GhostlyBlaze To be completely honest, it is really annoying when other players, especially clannies for that matter, act offended when someone with a significantly greater amount of wealth doesn't help them out, buy them something, loan them money, etc. Some players have a huge sense of entitlemen...

Re: "Auto Level System"

friddoo wrote:OTM stuffed the ranger up obviously.

Strength got 3*(good)

Dex got 3*(lol, should be 1 or 2* since dex skills are stuffed)

Vitality got 3*(smh should be 2* for sure)

I tried this for fun on my 200ish ranger and gave me points in focus...

Lugh 2016.2

As the OP, I want to clear up some things. I made this post because I am tired of the excess drama involved within Lugh and just wanted everyone to look back, reflect and move on to a new year and a new Lugh. The only finger pointing I was inferring was at ourselves and how each of us can improve. T...

Lugh 2016

I have been playing on this server for a long time, have been in several clans which have come and gone and have made friends spread throughout. I understand that some play to have the best gear and kill the top bosses, that others play for an escape from reality and to meet new people (or some bala...

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