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Re: Need some End Game help.

Thats their clan as a whole not just one individual. If he needs help hes gonna get it either way if you like it or not. Harsh but its the truth. Plus thats in the past now so just drop your grudge, its not worth it to keep on hating the clan if you moved and you dont know what their like now

Re: 180 Rule Change

Proteus and Gelebron are class rolls. Edl bosses are class rolls. And making just 180 class roll makes us change from a free rolling server to a non free rolling server? No it doesn't. Technically some of our bosses are class rolls so this "Reducing the freedom of out free server" thought ...

Re: The Ultimate Ranger Build

Light heal shouldnt be a must use and same with bolas. They are both nice skills but not really required. Its easy to lix and kill bosses without it. Ive actually tried barbed shot out too and its not a bad skill. No rangers actually max it but its like a rogues rend. Also mostly dext is not the bes...

Re: Advice Please?

Galavant wrote:I recently bought a shinestone hunter brace (120 str and 450 attack) use this over runic brace?

I would, its decent but of course use the shinestone hunter brace for bosses and the runic brace for lixing. More atk for bossing and more dmg for lixing works out great

Re: Advice Please?

When your 200 id swap between the runic ammy and stargem for whichever boss your at, if your just lixing id use the runic because you dont need much atk. But if your bossing it depends whats weak against the boss your fighting and which lures are as in fire or ice lure for less resistance. You can s...

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