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So I haven’t been able to access my account since first trying around Christmas and I’ve tried about everything, but still have failed to get it back. I first pmed an OTM helper but I was told he couldn’t help me, so I pmed another admin and didn’t get a reply. So I pmed a second admin and he/she se...

Account Help

I have an account in which I have the username and password to but when I log into it the account it comes up with nothing. I have the details to the account and have tried pming multiple moderators without successfully restoring the account and was looking at what else I could do. Any help would be...

Re: Mounted combat?

Perhaps this could taken in a new direction.... In Lirs we have this pretty cool ocean port that currently isn't serving any purpose. What if in some future content that port was the gateway to a new ocean themed zone? Imagine if clans could acquire Viking or trade ships and had ship versus ship co...

Re: Server transfers

Zyz wrote:Just do the server transfers and all nonplat items you take with you are bound. Take a mord spear and necro spear ring and wyld ammy - it's bound and nontradeable.

I would agree with this

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