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Bye :)

I haven't been online for a while and I have decided that I am leaving the game and never returning. Don't get excited yet. I don't know if anyone is reading this, but I would like to thank all of my friends for supporting me although our short time together has come to an end. I might never see you...

Re: Trident or Blade

I never understand why mages use tridents and swords can someone please explain i would rather use a master grim It's kind of fun to disguise yourself as a rogue and experience what other classes have to go through. Tridents are also useful since some Mages get extremely bored and want to try new c...

Re: King Of The Hill

I take the hill back with force and banish all of you into the underworld. I clone all of you and create a huge army. The army is created so that you will never win any fight, and their its increases as you increase. I also become invisible and resume my role as Supreme Emperor of the Hill and Comma...

Re: wolf gang selling DL and also scam.

This thread is rapidly deteriorating into quarrels between the 2 clans on dragon Lord drop policies. Back to the original post. 'TheYuleBro' clearly is either completely delusional or is out to stur up trouble. We all know his fabricated story is not true and despite his claims that he has 'evidenc...

Re: King Of The Hill

I come back and cut Hogana into 1 million pieces, distributed around the world where he will never be able to bother me again. I then bury Rocho alive in soil where he dies slowly. I resume my role as Emperor of the Hill.

Re: King Of The Hill

I tear apart your limbs and cut out your tongue. I resume my reign over the hill. I build a huge military to defend my hill and a recreational area for myself.

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