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Re: 5th Anniversary Celebrations! - Starting with Double Pla

GhostlyBlaze15 wrote::O I wonder what could be better than double plat. Maybe they could... Ya know... Add in a... Cough cough, double exp weekend/double gold weekend like back on Celtic heroes first birthday :O lol jk I doubt this would happen again

Honestly please do this :( not double wisdom please


So I have decided to join epona and was wondering what would be the most useful class you guys lack. Going under the name of Vexarch

Hi epona

I'm coming to this server. I wanted to know the prices of:
Every combo-

What up what up what up.

Some of you may remember me, some may not. Some may hate me, some may not. I was wondering how danu has been, i've been busy and was curious if danu is user friendly or you have too much competition again.

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