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Re: New event

Let’s get a Bt or Gele event going .-. Dragon event is fun and all, but I would love to see something new to spice it up. Maybe a whole tower weekend, edl spawns cut in half, Gele spawn cuz in fourth, and prot spawns every 5 hours instead of 20. A whole weekend of pureness farming would be op https...

Re: Knucks

Stephone wrote:Will hand to hand gear be added to necro, bt gele prot mord etc for thé use of the new dhiotu knucks

Doubt it

Re: No love for rogues?

In a vacuum Rogues are heavily favored in a dps race over any other class. However the boss fight mechanisms in the current end game meta have provided a nice balance and allowed rangers and rogues to be competitive. In the future I would prefer to see an increase in DPS applicable skills and abilit...

Re: Against the dominance

So i am seeing that its getting heated and still not really good solution to Defeat the dominance, So for all the people that say dominance is the key to make the server better, i will show you benefits if a server becomes open like epona. - everyone can enjoy the game (most important one). - gathe...

Re: Dino weapons

hmm so will melee druids be viable eg now? As a beta tester, one of the things we requested was that VR include some specific Melee Druid DPS items. While we don’t have the final list of loot they were very accommodating to our requests. Overall VR has done an amazing job of listening to the needs ...

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