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Selling/pricing stuff

Hey everyone, i guess this is my last horrah, i am officially quiting. Everything i have is for sale i will be making a list later but wanted to look for a few prices/offers on a couple items. Few items i will need offers or prices for: Legendary pheonix glider 95/40/40 ~ this will not go cheap Full...

Buying and selling

Selling: Crown of the sorcerer - 175k Hp lixes - 1k each (500+ in stock) Energy lixes - 1k (300+ in stock) Attack lixes - 1k (80 in stock) Travel lixes - 1k (100 in stock) Wisdom lixes - 500g (300 in stock) Buying: Black hunter pants Black hunter boots Spooky or not, it dosent matter to me Mail me i...

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