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Re: What to do?

If you hotbar your regular bow and the winter king bow, you can use long/double shot to start the kill then swap to your regular bow to finish the mob off if it isn't dead already.

Re: Taranis recruiting

Zyz wrote:Friend of mine that's never been to Oklahoma asked if people still lived in teepees (no im not kidding).

As an Oklahoman, I can confirm that only the Indians live in teepees and we suffer from many raids from them as well. I lost a friend due to a tomahawk to the head.

Re: Which weapon?

Hotbar them all and use Ymir for Longshot and/or double shot then switch over to your other bow and quiver to finish the mob off if it isn't dead already.

Re: Is this rumor true?

The amount of people that are upset because an item made up of a few pixels will have less worth is really intriguing. My question is, how do you people take a mobile game so seriously? The things in this game have no value in real life and a majority of the items you are all mad about coming back b...

Re: Scammed 6mil

All trades are final bud. It's your fault that you gave him the gold. I hope support doesn't give you your money back because that would be unfair to every other person in the game that did the same thing. The lesson here is don't trust anyone on a game.

Re: I'd Post There But Just Take A Look

I thought of starting a character on belenus because I had heard many good things about it. When I made a toon to ask multiple people about the server and prices, I got advice from about 4/15 people that I asked. The funny thing is that the people that helped me were low to mid level. Either all hig...

Good For My Level?

Hello, I am currently a lvl 116 Druid and was wondering if 3-3.5 bars solo is normal. I have full meteoric, a focus offhand, nature magic aggy book, this event focus/vit lvl 90 lux ammy, Royal and grand swarm, Royal howling wind, grand vines. I use winds, vines, swarm, strike, and rest into touch. I...

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