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Re: forum admin chose wrong

Ban me, I don't give a unfathomable. Forum users are fake af. I only got clairvoyant cause he deleted my post showing everyone what Elite is like and for the dunbass who called me a hypocrite.. I put in my post originally that I am an ass too. So don't call me a doing wheelies hypocrite.

Re: forum admin chose wrong

Well then he needs to tell OTM to read their emails and support messages, otherwise this is the only way to get my message about Elite out. But nah he just deleted it. And Id bet money i know more about this game than him and I barely play. Damn id bet 500k

what's your favorite CELTIC HEROES class and why?

Sorry but pretty sure ive never met a ranger who has spent $500 on just pots so they could solo to lvl 180. Rangers are not as bad as you say they are. Rogues are nt op, they die so much, yeah they have awesome dps but thats what they are made for. Rangers are made for decent damage with good surviv...

Re: Banned!

Jailbreak your iPad then download udid faker off cydia and you can never be device banned.

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