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Re: shalmont ravine !

Yes,the eastern dock would be a perfect place to put the enterance to an off shore dungeon or a cave-ish undersea grotto with higher lvl mobs(higher than what's in the catacombs)I'll be at lvl 50 soon with no place to go and nothing to do in the mean time before a larger update with more content.

Re: Fellow Danuians...

Hello Danuians My characters name is Boudicca(after the Celtic queen who fought the Roman invaders in what is now called Britain) I'm also in clan Death and as Z says we are growing(and leveling) rapidly and are looking forward to the expansion of Celtic Heros and to the world of Denu. I can be very...

Re: ***Avatar Of Donn***

Hello...this question is a little off the subject but may I ask you where did you get the helmet and armour in the screen shot and what are the stats on them? The reason I am asking in because I am at lvl 44 in the world of Danu and I have only seen that armour and helm combination on NPCs ,we aren'...

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