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Re: Time to sell DL?

I didn't even say one clan was definitely hoarding, i used the quotes around -hoarding- to add sarcasm to the term. and no I can't say for sure that nobody is hoarding, cuz i do not have that info, but i like to think we got a decent crowd here on lugh. For the most part people Are giving the drops ...

Re: Time to sell DL?

"Nobody gives people who need items anything. I've needed purple crowns longer than anyone on this server besides a select few and I still need them. At least if people were able to sell them they wouldn't hoard them in their bags. You have a purple crown according to your post on the dl needs ...

Re: Time to sell DL?

I really don't want dl items to go on sale. I don't want more people camping snorrie just to get drops to sell. Instead of selling them give em to people who need em.

Re: Necro Battle plan

Few things that may or may not be correct: The life he regains from lifesteal is probably not equal to the damage it shows on players heads... He is losing 10k hp a second (random number off the top of my head) at least, with all the dmg being done. He also gains a large heal when he eats one of his...

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