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Re: O.o

4x gold mini-event to recoup some of our losses due to lag would be nice.

P.S. would also be nice if you put a real title on posts, as this just looked like a spam post on the board index

Re: Missing items

Still waiting on a response from a July 4 ticket. Can you provide me with character name and world the ticket was submitted on? Aileron, Morrigan The tickets for lost items due to issues with mails are currently still being looked into. The main issue is that it takes time for the team to be able t...

Re: The issue with Celtic heroes

Many of the systems we implement in the game are designed to give others (that are dedicated enough) a chance, spawn windows, target lock etc.. In theory. But not in practice. Long spawn windows gives advantage to large clans. Target lock does help lower level clans. But you haven't seen large clan...

Re: gearing help: ice mage

Give up wanting to go ice Mage - it’s dps is useless unless you’re running gele rings. It’s even more useless if you don’t have DG. Gele rings allow you to swap out a ice dmg necral bracer for a cool down one with furthers your dps even more. My shards and blast were spiking 9/10k a cast with 20k b...

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