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Re: Beta Spectral Mount

I don’t know why people are complaining. Honestly CH players have it so good compared to most games where premium items are chargeable and non trade. In CH you can not play for 2 years and still come back super OP. Unpopular opinion but I wish there were more PtW items in this game as then it would...

Re: Beta Spectral Mount

Cooking is a MASSIVE gold sink. This is NOT a gold sink, its a plat sink to make VR more money. I agree it shouldnt be too overpowered stats/skills wise, better looks + speed + immortal with same stats as T6 would be great still imo. I do think bounty tokens (hunter boon & prize) should have a ...

Re: Would you do it? Segment #2

This would be something locked on a character to character basis. It would never be locked by device. The most it could ever lock would be by account. OTM would never restrict anything by device that would be ridiculous. that means everyone can make another account or character to be able to try bot...

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