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meteoric quest issues

i am struggling to get my zodiac jerkin. it says i can go get it from the wardens, but when i do that, it says i have to get another item it doesnt say in the quest, and i think it may be from an older update. i have Pictures ilustrating my issue.

Re: Selling

I dont know if you've seen my post, but do you have three black space rems and three mind tabs of obs?

In Game im R00ZT

Re: Lvl 100 axe vs Dagger of Slaying

What I did was I used the regen dagger. The regens were very helpful for skills and helped me kill mobs a lot faster, and the poison dmg from it is very good in carrow mobs, so that's what I would recommend. I know people who use axe, but I found the dmg to be pretty equal, so the regen bonus was a...

Lvl 100 axe vs Dagger of Slaying

Im wondering which one to buy, i have 20 energy regen and run out of energy prettty fast while in battle, but its not a huge problem for me, i have 115 str and 220(240) dex, and the rest points in vit, lvl 114, im a solo rouge, anyone know which sounds better for me? Thanks for help

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