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EG Ranger Attack

Hi there Rangers off all servers.
I was wondering what are y’all ideal Attack stats at endgame. Is 15k buffed and lixed too much? I heard that there was a plateau at some point, but couldn’t find the post about it.

Thank you and Happy Hunting!

Blessed Crown Yule Hats

Is anyone doing the hat fashion quest in Castle having trouble finding the Golden Ritual Candles? I have been killing loads of spiders but seem to be only getting ritual candles and no "Golden" ones :( , which are needed to receive the "Blessed" version of the crowns. If anyone h...

Snor and Sreng Locker

Hi peeps, I just finished lvling my locker. I need some tips on stats and skill set up. Should I be a majority dex or str build. With skills, I am using Shadowstrike, quickstrike, life steal, riposte, and poison weapon. My question is should I drop poison weapons for rend or sneak attack? Any help w...

EG Ranger Dex, Str, or Hybrid Build

Hi Rangers, Recently I have been thinking about changing up my build, but am also not sure if I should. lol. So I thought I'd ask other rangers what their experience is with other builds. I am currently running with a full Dex build but would like more auto damage since that is a pretty crucial part...

EG Ranger Skill Build

Hey rangers of all worlds,
I recently leveled my alt ranger up to 215 and am struggling to find a good skill setup for my ranger. So I thought I’d ask what other eg rangers were using at endgame for bossing. I appreciate any feedback, suggestions, and advice! Thank you

Need some mage advice

Hi mages, I am new to the mages class and was wondering if I could get some advice on skills. I am currently a lvl 56 fire mage with most of my stats in focus. My current build right now is: Fireball - Maxed Firestorm - Maxed Energy Shield - 4 Lure of Fire - 10 I'm working on getting Incinerate but ...

Endgame DPS Warriors HP

Hi fellow warriors, I was just curious as to what is the preferred health all you DPS warriors have at endgame. I am an endgame DPS warrior myself, with 8.2k hp. I was just wondering if that is low or high compared to the rest of y'all, since I have been thinking about rebirthing to lower health. Th...

Event Vit Ammy

Any warriors out there bought the lvl 190 event Vit ammy? I would like to know what you think about it, is the skill/ammy helpful, and would you recommend it or to wait for another event ammy?


Re: New Event Ammy

Which ammy are you using currently? I was also thinking about switching but at the same time idk if the str one would be worthwhile Hi, I am currently using Yule Vit ammy from about 2 Yule events ago. And yeah I agree idk if the str ammy is worth it as well, since in the long run I hear in end game...

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