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Re: Sea$lut

Lmao! I suspected they were up to no good in my absence. The tavern is my sanctuary how could they do this to me :evil:


What's up ros pft I can't even log in and say hi ..may get a level or two in..... Curse the new update! Can't even see my sled or coven hats those are my children ... There were so many things I never did with you sledia! And bluecovina! My my goodness gracious :x :x

Re: Back to the old engine...

Ungrateful poopies most of you are, the point of the new engine was to bring a better gaming experience....and they get a buncho complaints, which is fine.. they do need to fix the glitches but some(not all) don't need to be rude. let the design team do what they can to fix the problems and shush!

Re: Listen to me fellow celtic heroes!

This is why a freaken love you zan Jessica ksed Juanita's stonefang so Trixy murdered Juanita in arena for texting Jessica arena death threats. She then popped a combo lix and all helllll broke loose. The idol decline of 2014 went underway as many lives were taken by the big boy high level!!! :twist...

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