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Happy New Year's

Selling: Quartermaster's Skullcap Eyepatch headpiece 300k Purple frostguard legs 100k Legendary warthog 95/40 420K Green Hunter Top 120K Black Charm Token 40K Purple Barding 60k Aggy Rings +40 50K per Ring https://i.postimg.cc/fRL1crgC/Screenshot-20191231-112206-Celtic-Heroes.jpg

MEGA SALES (You Better Click On This)

Selling: Quartmaster's Skullcap Eyepatch headpiece 350k/ Ancient cape 175k Purple fg Legs and Gloves 200k both Legendary warthog 95/40 500K Green Hunter Top 150K Black Charm Token 50K E Sigils 7K ea Backpack Expansions 9K ea Purple Barding 100k BUYING: Axe of Triumph Level 100 lux Double attack skil...

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